Personal Sculptures


As well as undertaking public commissions, I produce my own studio work in stone and bronze. All these pieces have been carved in the last few months, including “Birdstone”, carved from Portland, and mounted on a base of Kilkenny limestone.

This ┬ápiece is 1.5m high, and took three months to complete. I offered the work to the Wetland & Wildfowl Centre at Slimbridge for a two year period, and it was displayed at the main entrance. The piece was later sold after being exhibited in a sale of work with Sotheby’s.

These are smaller hand-size pieces in bronze mounted on stone, and there are four variations on the theme. I took the opportunity to experiment with patination, and each has a slight variation of colour and texture. They are currently being exhibited at the Junction Gallery in Woodstock, Oxon, the Forge Gallery in Norfolk, and the Sculpture Park in Farnham.